Success Case

En Nogueira nos hemos caracterizado por nuestra participación activa en grandes proyectos de infraestructura tanto regionales como a nivel nacional en donde no solo hemos brindado nuestros servicios aduanales si no soluciones totales en comercio exterior para nuestros clientes.”

Steel company of California

Established in 1992, was the first steelmaker to the Northwest of the country. With machinery imported by Ensenada and Mexicali, coordinated by Agency Customs Nogueira, it was in his time one of the movements of the region’s largest machinery.

With more than 800 shipments per month and more than 12,000 tons of steel imported and exported by Mexicali, CSC has become an industry leader in the region and one of the projects of greatest relevance in investment to Baja California.

The magnitude of this project required the implementation of services and special benefits being the contribution of Customs Agency key Nogueira in the management and the first authorization of rule 2. how authorization for transit of goods and dispatch of goods to address.

This authorization facilitated the relocation of teams that arrived by Cove, so how the liberation of the port charges and optimized transit times.

Thermoelectric Mexicali

In addition to being one of investment and technology projects more ambitious of Baja California, is also a pioneer in the application of tax benefits to the import.

This project was conducted in 2002 and the contribution of our agency was instrumental in the management and authorization of SHCP for the import of gas by pipeline and export of electric power cable.

Thermoelectric Mexicali is a plant of energy generation through combined cycle gas turbines with a capacity of 600MW (CCGT).

Equipped with two gas turbines and a steam generator (HRSG) steam recovery. Connected to the power source of us through a new line of 230 kv. More than 600 shipments of equipment made of more than 2,000 tons of cargo, as well as the only authorized as a maquiladora in Mexico power plant.



Chicontepec paleochannel (PEMEX)

In the year of 2003, PEMEX started the ambitious and innovative project of the Chicontepec paleochannel composed of a service contract without precedent for the Chicontepec reserve.

The consortium formed by Schlumberger Oilfield Services and ICAFD was awarded the contract from drilling oil wells, completion of wells, optimization of installation in different parts of the reserve and many other services.

The participation of our agency managing the processes of imports, mainly of pumping systems, steel pipe, structures of material and oil wells of replacement valves, connectors and controls systems, was essential in the consolidation of the project on time.


Altamira LNG Terminal

(2004) Altamira LNG terminal, located in the fiscal area of the port of Altamira, is established in its first stage by two LNG tanks with capacity of 150,000 cubic meters each.

Performing imports mainly steel plates, herons, vaporization systems and systems of pumping among others, Altamira LNG terminal has with a reception capacity of tank vessels designed for the transport of gas with a capacity of 70,000 m3 to 160,000 m3.

The terminal is in commercial operation since 2007.



Energy Blue Coast

Riviera (2005) energy is a liquefied natural gas receiving terminal developed by Sempra Energy in the North of the city of Ensenada. The plant represents an investment of $ 975 million and has the ability to supply one billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.

The gas processed by this terminal will be used by power generating plants and various industries in the region that will receive it through a new 72-kilometer pipeline that will be interconnected with pipelines that are already in the area.

Energy Blue Coast was developed under strict environmental standards determined by the Federal, State and local authorities in Mexico. To that end, the Centre for scientific and research Studios Superiors de Ensenada (CICESE) conducted a detailed study of the site.

The Agency imported tanks of storage and tubing used for the transport of gas, as well as all the equipment for installation.


Pipeline Bajanorte

Bajanorte pipeline, part of a transportation system of 355 kilometers (220 miles) to serve the energy needs of Baja California.

The system begins at an interconnection with El Paso Natural Gas Co., near Ehrenberg, Arizona, and ends at interconnection with conveyor of Natural Gas of Baja California (TGN), South of Tijuana.

This piping system of 30 and 36 inches’ diameter and 21,000 Hp compressor station has a capacity to transport approximately 500 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Pipeline Bajanorte, the Mexican portion of the total natural gas transmission system has a length of 225 kilometers (140 miles) and 30 inches in diameter.

This was imported all piping that integrates this system as well as the tool and equipment for Assembly, through our agency.


Wind farm “La Rumorosa 1”

Wind farm “Rumorosa 1” (2009): is the first wind power generation from a State administration in Latin America.

Power will come from wind power Park, located in La Rumorosa whose construction was awarded joint stock company to Turbo Power Services and Gamesa Wind Us.

This project agreed to import 5 unarmed and complete wind turbines, as well as equipment, tool and consumables required for the mounting and performances of these units.

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project (2012): It is a plant of electric power generation of 110 MW using Solar Tower (Solar Power Tower) technology, this project will provide electricity to 75,000 families during the seasons peak of the year.

This plant was built in Tonopah Nevada USA, which is carried by Spanish companies ACS Cobra TRP Metal and Santander.

This project consists of the import of 600 40′ containers containing “Dual axis solar trackers” for Heliostats for the robotic technology company and Metal process (TRP), under the regime of international transit by the maritime port of Ensenada with Customs Office of exit Tijuana B.C. and final destination Tonopah Nevada, giving great promotion to the office of Ensenada.